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Pesky Worms

Specifically 4.9 works in progress
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Pesky Worms

Post by Ruffsta »

If I can get DDD to help fix the logic - (i SORTA have it working, but not working right..).. this will be my next release.. It's NOT 1 of the real releases I wanted to do.. but it IS one of my projects I started years ago - (infact, just right before James shut down the whole thing lol), that I came back to.. Basically, a worm version of "Whack-A-Mole".. lol I just want to keep NEW games being released.. Tho I already know the ones I REALLY REALLY want to release will not happen.. I'm still trying..

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Re: Pesky Worms

Post by DigitalDesignDude »

What exact logic do you need help with?

I now try to avoid working with DSGM 4.9 for certain projects that require more complicated or repeated logic since I am limited to rearranging code blocks in DSGM 4.9. I just spend more time on it than what I find is reasonable as opposed to working in DSGM 5.12 where I can handtype code and reuse game objects conveniently.

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish I may be able to help if it doesn't require me to spend too much time in DSGM 4.9. I hope that's understandable.
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