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Getting Started!

Play your creations on the Raspberry Pi
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Getting Started!

Post by Ruffsta »

Ok, so I wanted to share to those of you that don't know a little bit about the raspberry Pi and DS roms.. For those of you that know all about it, this is just a quick walk-through for those that don't know. I didn't know and now I do, so I am sharing...

I'm happy I did this because at first I just wanted a better and more custom rom emulator other than those cheap crappy mini nes, snes consoles you can buy for like $40 with like 600 bullshit games built-in.. where i could install roms of my choice. When I found out that you could play roms for just about any console with Raspberry Pi backed by Retropie like: atari, snes, nes, playstation, sega, etc.... i was hooked!

Then I found out you could also play DS roms and I was like oh hell yeah! So, I ended up installing DRASTIC onto Retropie today - (wasn't really expecting much.. some small ass screen and shit), but i was wrong.. games are really nice size and all.. And I can now play my creations I made with DSGM on the Raspberry Pi! So excited!!!! :D

watch the following video: RASPBERRY PI & RETROPIE - this will show everything you need to get and how to set it all up.

after you get that done.. Do this next: SETTING UP WIFI ON RETROPIE

after that, do this next - (while your connected to the internet): UPDATE RETROPIE AND THEN DOWNLOAD DRASTIC FOR RETROPIE

now you won't see the DS emulaor at first.. because you have to go back to step 1 - (RASPBERRY PI & RETROPIE), you must put the usb stick into the Raspberry Pi so that it creates the NDS folder.. then you put the usb stick in the PC transfer your roms into the NDS folder and then put the usb stick back into the Raspberry pi and let it populate the games.. pull the usb stick out after about 3 to 5 min. and then reboot the raspberri pi and now the DS emulator will appear with all the games you put in :)

and lastly, the final touches:


https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-NES-V ... SwEEBaS2Bf

By default you can play DS games with a mouse or keyboard, so you'll have to figure out how to configure the controls in DRASTIC - not in retropie.. I haven't gotten that far yet, but from I can see you hit the "M" key while you have a DS game loaded up and go from there? I'll let ya know..

So far, I only played:
BananaCraze, MasterMind and Defuse with the mouse and PacMan with the keyboard arrow keys..

FYI... Becareful when designing your games graphically.. because what you don't see or think of for the handheld DS system or pc emulator.. you WILL see on the Raspberry Pi. DEFUSE has a graphical boo boo but it doesn't interfere with the game play.

examples of boo boos when designing: Yeah, weren't programming for the Raspberry Pi back then.. (I am going to now tho).

Defuse graphics boo boo:

BananaCraze boo boo - if you're just using a mouse to play, you can't restart the game or exit out of the game when the game ends..

Again, becareful when designing and programming your creations because errors you don't see or think of for those little ds and pc emulator screens - you will on the Raspberry Pi!

Before you decide to do any major changes after all your hard work getting your system right where you want it - back up your Rapberry pi image: BACKING UP YOUR RASPBERRY PI IMAGE

Have fun!
DS Games:
BananaCraze / MasterMind / Rock,Paper, Scissors

*strictly a 4.9 user
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