Welcome to DS Game Maker Fan Site!
Ok, first things first.. This is NOT a rom site! I created this fan site for us former members and newcomers of DSGM with assistance of the creator of DS Game Maker himself - James Garner.

All roms listed on this site have been created with DSGM. So, if you're here looking for game roms ripped from licensed Nintendo DS games - you're in the wrong place!

James is happy that I am doing this and has accommodated me with all images and previously games made with DSGM that he had on hand - (Basically his whole former website). ORIGINALLY, DS Game Maker and all of its former downloads were made specifically for windows 7 - ALL former releases are now 100% obsolete!

However, James has come up with a solution.. He came up with the VM version. Basically, it's a virtual machine that will require VirtualBox. I assure you this was not an easy task for either party.. We have our differences and go at it time to time, but in the end we are doing this for you. What we hope for, is that you can put aside the fact that it is a VM release of both versions and enjoy creating DS games for free.. forever!

A lot of time and effort has gone into this in a matter of a few weeks (especially after all these years) - with nothing more than a fan that wanted the software back and the original coder willing to re-release his work.. for free even! So, we hope you all enjoy our combined efforts in making this possible for you.

Ruffsta & James

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Latest News:
DSGM VM Release is here!

Yes.. you read right, the new virtual machine version is here! It contains BOTH 4.9 AND 5.12 UNLIMITED versions.

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DS Game Maker VM