Split file #9 has been fixed.. Apparently it wasn't fully uploaded the first time.


I updated the site a little.. Added a spit files page for those that are having issues downloading 1 large file..


I updated the site a little.. I corrected some mistakes.. The site is now fully up to date to the minute as can be. You may need to refresh the pages..

10/31/20 - 2020 Halloween contest winner

The first holiday game contest in years which happened to fall on Halloween. BioDie via DSGM VM 5.12! It was coded by: DigitalDesignDude.

Enjoy! Happy Halloween everyone..


The first game release in years with DSGM was released today: Rock, Paper, Scissors via DSGM VM 4.9! It was coded with the assistance of: DigitalDesignDude.

6/15/20 - UPDATE

James has officially released DSGM VM this morning! We hope you enjoy it...


James has given me the new VM version that contains 4.9. At first I was like wtf on the idea.. but then I was very pleased with the end result. I have been testing it out and it works EXACTLY the same only on a virtual machine instance but you can see and access your normal desktop at the same time, transfer files to and from pc and vm. I didn't know what this was going to be like.. You can ask James, I went up against him tooth and nail on the idea, but he proved me wrong and I am in full support of the new VM release! It acts and does EXACTLY what it's supposed to - no difference at all! So I have no complaints other than I wish it were a normal .exe file as the others.. Other than that, no complaints here other than the hassle of being the guinea pig - (somebody had to do it).. lol

I had James bring back something from the land of the abondoned and truly missed.. So, you're welcome! I'm not bragging - (ok, a little), but if it wasn't for me - DSGM would no longer be. You're welcome!


James is working on a fix today today. You won't need any of your old copies of DSGM. You will however need to download and install VirtualBox as well as download the new fixed DSGM package that will include both copies. VirtualBox is basically a virtual machine app that will run the new DSGM package of 4.9 and 5.12.

Reminder, 4.9 and 5.12 are 2 totally different apps - Hence you cannot import projects from 1 version into the other.


Today I fixed all the broken links and images.


The forum is now up and running.


According to James... "5.12 will not load 4.9 projects - they are completely different. There is no registry key to override that serial check, however you will be pleased to know that it connects to dsgamemaker.com over HTTP (not HTTPS) which means you can add an entry to your "hosts file" pointing dsgamemaker.com to and run a server that returns a reply that the serial code is OK."

So, if you have version 4.9 and have a registration code, you can get it to run unlimted rooms and such. Otherwise, you are just stuck with 3 rooms.. And you still need windows 7 to use DSGM with these last 2 released versions of DSGM. James has just informed me that he will get 4.9 to work again for us after he makes a simple add-on tool.. You will also have to downlaod and install Node.js. We'll have have a tutorial to get you version of 4.9 and 5.12 up and running again. He also recommends that you should have both versions installed on your pc.

Side note: All roms can be played on any windows system with an emulator or on a raspberri Pi with retropie software.. but that is another subject for another time.. It will all be posted in the forum after we have that up and running.


Some of the features on this site do not currently work as I have just started working on this site yesterday. Again, I'm not even sure if this will be the template I will go with altho I do like it.. I'm Basically testing the water at this time.. However, I will try to keep updating this site or come up with a new look.. I don't code PHP so it's not gonna look and work exactly how I want it to and not to mention without any PHP coding on here.. If I change 1 thing - I have to change it on every page which can get very tedious and be a pain in the ass.. So, I am working on it. Until then, enjoy the memories and dreams that this site may bring you.


Welcome to the DSGM official fan site! With the cooperation of James, I am making this OFFICIAL fan site for us all... Please be patient as I am testing the water with this template. I may change the look of the site. So, for now enjoy what information we have currently provided.

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