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Here are just a few games to highlight. This section will be used for completed and submitted games made with DSGM only and will be updated accordingly. How many and for how long is unknown at this time.


Collect all the bananas and coin bags while trying to avoid Jake the snake who will take away some life and Finster who will steal your points. You can find health increases and double point bananas along the way to help you.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: Ruffsta
Size: 523 kb

BioDie - DSGM VM 5.12
2020 Halloween contest winner

During a viral outbreak, you must cleanse the city of the infected and prove yourself worthy of joining an experimental mercenary program. Protect yourself with your arsenal of upgradeable weapons and keep fighting until you pass the test.

Genre: Survival Horror Top-Down-Shooter
Creator: DigitalDesignDude
Size: 5.58 mb


You get home and waiting for you is a parcel on the door step. You unwrap it and then it starts. You have to defuse the bomb by cracking the code. You have limited tries and limited time. 3 Difficulty settings.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: Eldude
Size: 1.51 mb


MasterMind is a puzzle game which your object is to guess the correct color combination... You have 8 chances in which to do so. There are 3 levels you can choose from.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: Ruffsta
Size: 461 kb

Fishing The Deep - DSGM VM 5.12
2021 New Submission

Sit back, relax, and fish the deepest depths of the ocean with your DS's touch screen! Was created in 48 hours as part of the Ludum Dare 48 Compo Game Jam Event.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: DigitalDesignDude
Size: 1.09 mb

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