Adventure Kid

Adventure Kid is an original game where you take on the role of "Alex Kid" in a well-planned and interesting platformer, involving teleporters and jump pads. The scenarios and graphics are different in every level.

Genre: Platform
Creator: Eldude
Size: 555 kb

Aiomi DS

Aiomi DS is a fast-paced flying game by BlueWave Team that feels very complete and also includes voice narration. In the game you must help "Aiomi" reach a secret destination in space, whilst avoiding obstacles and other barriers. Despite graphical issues, this has a long play time.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: BlueWave Team
Size: 4,483 kb


Aros is a game where you try to click on as many arrows coming down as you can.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: James Garner
Size: 563 kb

Asteroids X

Asteroids X is a similar but different Space Invaders clone created in DSGM 5.Use the D-Pad to move the ship and A to fire. You have 3 levels and when you lose you are told what level you got to. James reached level 7.. How far can you get?

Genre: Arcade
Creator: James Garner
Size: 1.48 mb

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Game Creators:

BlueWave Team
James Garner

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