Easter Bunnies Checklist

In Easter Bunny's Checklist, you have to help the Easter Bunny complete a series of tasks.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Mozzie
Size: 1.23 mb

Easter Movie

I have doing a few things in Scratch and I noticed on their web site that the app is not just for games. Users make movies and presentations in it as well, why can't we use the DS for the same things? So my entry is a short movie made entirely in 1 room which shows that this can even be done in the Free Edition of DSGM.

Genre: Misc
Creator: Eldude
Size: 537 kb

Egg Fall

It was an idea I had for a first project but at that moment it was to hard for me. I haven't tested it much so if you see any bug tell me. Enjoy.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: AlceX
Size: 1.25 mb

Egg Hunting

My game was going to be something like Mozzies' "Easter Bunnies Checklist", except no scrolling and everything is generated randomly. If you get to 1000 points you win.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: mjsdude
Size: 620 kb

Everythings A Lie

Made for the DSGM Easter Competition 2010, a game where nothing is as it seems. This simple, paradoxical game will have you solving puzzles, traversing complicating platforms, shifting gravity, and much more. This game is hard! I really hope you'll complete the seven levels the game offers.

Genre: Platform
Creator: bksonic
Size: 1.90 mb

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