Cactus Attacktus

Cactus Attacktus is a tricky game with unique gameplay containing two modes. You must move your three blocks around on the screen whilst avoiding the dreaded cactus! The two modes have completely different aims.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: YoshiInAVoid
Size: 734 kb

Cell is a horror escape game where you must solve puzzles to escape a room. It''s very similar to the adventure-game design I used on my main project, The Fifteenth Floor, but smaller so I can take advantage of music, sounds, and detail.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Tom Pike
Size: 4.87 mb

Chicken Tag

Chicken Tag is a 2 player game in which players take on the role of chickens in a fencing maze. Credits to the chap for such an original idea.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: RIPsta
Size: 424 kb

Color Of Memories

Billy wakes up without any knowledge of his past. His only memory is of his colorful and musical world. He becomes determined to find these elements to a fun world of learning more about himself.Hold the stylus on the screen and move it up and down to weave Billy through the field of eggs. Watch his world grow as the game progresses!

Genre: Arcade
Creator: KingdomH
Size: 1.60 mb

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Game Creators:

Tom Pike

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