Teddy Must Die

Teddy Must Die is a game where you pilot the small wobbly spaceship(with the Dpad) on a kamikaze mission and avoid the asteroids(they will kill you) and the Red Menace monster who follows you(he will also kill you) in a downward vertical direction until you crash into Teddy at the bottom, who then explodes, in which case you win. I''m intending to make more levels.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: MBJ007
Size: 1.68 mb

The 15th Floor

The Fifteenth Floor is a strategy game with a Hotel Dusk type scenario. The game is set in an amazing 3D environment, though the game is entirely 2 dimensional. In the game you become part of an engaging story that is well thought out, and little details such as the ability to read the newspaper, make this game a pleasure to play and complete

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Tom Pike
Size: 3.96 mb

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Tom Pike

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