Bally Wally

In BallyWally you have to put the ball in the hole. It is fun to play for everyone.You have to move the ball by tilting the platform with the stylus. There are 9 levels and you can also make a levelourself. You can earn points by completing levels as fast as possible. With those points you are able to change your ball into a football, basketball and a dice block.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: janmulder
Size: 1.03 mb


Collect all the bananas and coin bags while trying to avoid Jake the snake who will take away some life and Finster who will steal your points. You can find health increases and double point bananas along the way to help you.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: Ruffsta
Size: 523 kb

BioDie - DSGM VM 5.12
2020 Halloween contest winner

During a viral outbreak, you must cleanse the city of the infected and prove yourself worthy of joining an experimental mercenary program. Protect yourself with your arsenal of upgradeable weapons and keep fighting until you pass the test.

Genre: Survival Horror Top-Down-Shooter
Creator: DigitalDesignDude
Size: 5.58 mb


you are flying a B2 Stealth Bomber although your bombs are not the modern guided variety. Fly your plane and bomb the city. You loose height on every run, you have a limited number of bombs and you can only drop them one at a time. The only control you need is the "A" button.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: icedaddy
Size: 580 kb

Bunny Bomber

Bunnies are trying to steal Easter and use it for their own personal gain. They're trying to steal the present, drop eggs on them to stop them in their tracks. Use R or L to drop the eggs. And use the slider on the bottom screen to aim. The bunny with the gun is worth 2 points.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: AngelWire
Size: 547 kb

Bunny Hop

Move the bunny with the d-pads up and down button or the stylus. Collect the eggs and the presents but look out for the guns. To increase level press the R button, To get the feel of the music increase the level frequently.I made this game using the default actions from DSGM and Alex Plunkett''s glide sprite action.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Nirraic
Size: 972 kb

Bunny Run

Navigate the bunny across flying platforms in an attempt to reach the end as fast as possible, grabbing powerups and avoiding powerdowns and head-on wall collisions. Try to set high scores, or unlock 5 unique (and somewhat odd) trophies! Controls: D-pad - Move (Press down to drop through floors, A - Jump, Start - Pause, Select - Return to menu (when paused)

Genre: Platform
Creator: Cobalt
Size: 672 kb

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