I thought it would be a good challenge to create Pacman from scratch with DSGM, with revised graphics for a fresh look. It's a pretty accurate port with the original gameplay, scoring, bonus score items etc. This has been a great project to work on so far and if it receives enthusiasm I will continue to develop it.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Cilein Kearns
Size: 2.36 mb

Piano DS

Play a virtual piano wherever you go without acutally having to lug around a 20 pound piano! 27 keys make this a valuable homebrew addition.

Genre: Music
Creator: CrashingThunder
Size: 526 kb

Plane Popper

Plane Popper is a simple flight game in which you pilot a small bi-plane and collect balloons. Control the altitude of you aircraft with the D-pad or Stylus to avoid obstacles such as flying brick blocks. Careful not to fly too low though, if you crash into the trees you will lose a life and be re-spawned in the middle of the screen.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Bobbyloujo
Size: 555 kb


Pong is a short game made in the Free Edition of DS Game Maker. Destroy all of the onscreen blocks to advance to the next level. You can use the D-Pad or stylus to move. To launch the ball press the A button or position the paddle with the stylus and let go.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: RHY3756547
Size: 462 kb


No ENGLISH description at this time...

Genre: Arcade
Creator: oldowl
Size: 375 kb

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