Rock, Paper, Scissors - DSGM VM 4.9

Just your average Rock, paper, Scissors game. This was created with the assistance of DigitalDesignDude. Even tho it may not be much of a game, It's still the very first game released through DS Game Maker in years via DSGM VM 4.9!

Genre: Misc
Creator: Ruffsta
Size: 432 kb

"RPS-DS" stands for "Rock-Paper-Scissors DS", a re-imagined version of the classic game by Metatarsals with unique characters and an original soundtrack. The game also features unlockable trophies, a "track you progress graph" system, and you can choose the number of rounds in your games. Get retro on your DS!

Genre: Misc
Creator: Metatarsals
Size: 1.31 mb

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