SnipeeMon is a game where you must assassinate a series of Pokemon creatures using a sniper weapon. The graphics are very rich and the game is hilarious to play. Don''t be offended, Pokemon fans.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Eldude
Size: 1.29 mb

Sprite Combat

Sprite Combat is a unique and perfected implementation of the popular game Rock, Paper, Scissors to the Nintendo DS.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: WinterAce
Size: 1.60 mb

Star Shooter

Starshooter is a reworked clone of Space Invaders for the Nintendo DS. There are 5 levels and a boss level.

Genre: Arcade
Creator: Nirraic
Size: 789 kb

Sudoku Book

It is a collection of 68 puzzles to solve. You can make 4 mistakes. When you win, the next puzzle is loaded. If you lose, you must replay the current puzzle from the beginning! There is a command, whereby if you lose, you may switch the puzzle using the D-Pad. Don''t cheat though.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: oldowl
Size: 401 kb

Super Maze

Super Maze is a simple yet stimulating game that requires just the D-Pad to play. The levels begin easily, but the difficulty gradually increases. There are three rounds, which hold a few levels each, and there are also points to collect.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: Alex Plunkett
Size: 2.59 mb


A puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper. There are 10 mines hidden in a grid of 64 squares. Every time you try the puzzle, the mines are in different (random) places.

Genre: Puzzle
Creator: James Garner
Size: 446 kb

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Game Creators:

Alex Plunkett
James Garner

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